Monday, January 4, 2016

November 30, 2015 - Flooding and teaching in the streets!

This week was another week of hard work!  We've found a lot of the people that we've been looking for in our registros, and a lot of them are ready for baptism!!!   Hopefully we'll start seeing some baptisms soon, we just got to keep on working on it and keep our investigators on a spiritual high!

This week it was raining practically the entire week!  The streets were basically rivers, and it was a pain trying to figure out how to get across without swimming!  Well, more like getting our feet wet, but it still was interesting finding interesting ways on getting across.  
I was attacked by a dog this week!  Haha I just heard a growl then felt a dog trying to bite me, however it only got my pant leg! I had my umbrella in my hand so hit it hard in the head and scared it off!  I've got a hole in those pants now.........  But Im all good, no injuries!  No worries!  I thought it was funny that a dog would think that I would be easy to take me out! 
This past week was Thanksgiving?  Wow, that really blew past me!  We haven't had gas in our house for the past week, so we couldn't really cook anything....  Totally forgot we had Thanksgiving this past week!  Hope you guys all had a great one!!!  Now we've got La Navidad coming up!!! Christmas, wooooooooooo!  I love this time of year, especially being here on a Mission.  We have an investigator named Tonetiuh, and he's really come a long way.  He's been looking for The True Church of God for a long time, and had gone to many other churches before, looking for where God was.  He gave up his search a while ago, because he believed that all churches had been created by man, so he didn't want to have any part of it.  Then we came along. He's been digging into the church, really trying to find if its true.  He's felt something different about us (The Spirit of God obviously!!!) and he's continuing investigating.  
He said what originally had gotten him interested is the fact that he always saw me and my companion in the streets, talking to everyone we could.  It was obvious that we came from far away, and he and his wife wanted to know what caused such devotion, and why we did what we did.  
This is going to be my second Christmas away from home in Mexico, and I'll have one more after that.  I couldn't be happier.  Yes, I miss my family, and yes it's a lot of time away from family.  However sharing my testimony with others, about Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer.  Its difficult to explain in this language the joy that this gives me. I don't believe that there are words enough in Spanish that could explain The joy that comes from preaching, teaching, and seeing others come unto Christ.  Only because of him, can we live throughout the eternity in happiness with our families, all we got to do is a few simple steps. 
In the words of the ancient prophet Moroni, 'Come unto Christ, and be perfected in him.'  Search for him, because i'ts only through him that we can have eternal families, and what I'm doing here is helping others do gain the knowledge, and happiness that only comes through the Gospel of Christ.
Why do you think the Savior was born?  If your not 100% sure why, come here to this site 
Love you guys!  This year I want you to remember why we celebrate Christmas!
Siempre Fuerte,
Elder Pettingill

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