Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016 - An almost broken foot and Acupuncture

David got acupuncture!

David in the medical center

David in the hospital

Hey guys!!!! Happy New Years!!!!

I almost broke my ankle!!!!!!!!  I was messing around with my companion, and I wasn't really paying attention to the fact that there was a curb, and welllllllll I went to the hospital the next day to make sure it wasn`t broken.  My ankle literally looked like a baseball!  We actually thought that somehow the bone had come dislocated and was off to the side..... Ya, I was freaking out.  I was thinking to myself, "I just barely got back! Now I'm going to have to go home for another 6 weeks!!!!!!" Luckily that wasn't the case.  The x-rays didn't show any fractures, or anything weird with my ankle, so the doc said that it was just a super bad sprain.  I couldn't walk on it or anything it was so bad!  So he gave me some cream to help with the inflammation, and some pain pills and then wrapped it in some bandages.  He asked if I wanted a cast for it and I was like NO!

Anyway, I was on crutches these past two days so I could get around, and today it still hurts, still pretty swollen and blue, but I can walk again!!!!  Back to the missionary work!!!!
So I'm in a new area called Cuauhtemoc now!  Its a super rural area, (kinda how I thought Mexico would be like when I first opened my mission call) and its super cold and super windy!  There's also a lot of natives here, its super awesome.  They are literally living proof that this gospel is true!!!!   So their God is called, Unuruami, an ancient white god that came and visited their Grandfathers here in the Americas (Definitely has nooooooooooooooooo conection to Christ coming to the Americas (Hint on Sarcasm))  and their faith in him is super strong.  They know this god Is Jesus the Christ, when I show them a picture of Christ being baptized, or of when he came to visit the Americas!  The Gospel is true my friends!!!
The only bad thing about this area is the relationship between the missionaries and the members.  In the past the missionaries here in Cuauhtemoc have been super disobedient and didn't really care about much, and they kinda ruined the relationship with the members.  There's a lot to fix here, but I`m definitely ready for the challenge!!!  I`ve already talked with the District President, and some of the branch presidents here and we`re all meeting this Wednesday to see what we can do about making Cuauhtmoc a whole lot better all around!  
My new comp is Elder Hansen! He's a district leader for the missionaries here, and he's a super hard worker!  We're definitley going to be kicking butt here together!  We get a long pretty well too!
Oh also to explain that one pic I'm sending, there's this really cool member here who loves the missionaries here and he offered me acupuncture for free (its his business) to help with my ankle!  It was super weird being stuck with a whole bunch of needles.......  I had like 20 needles in me at once!!!!!  It was super cool.  Have a great year guys, and be safe!!!!!
Siempre Fuerte,
Elder Pettingill

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