Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March 6, 2017 - Paintball!

Lightsaber war... the little guy looks pretty tough!

We got to go paintballing! Wahoo!!

This week was another great week of hard work, and hot sun.

Winter never came here in Chihuahua. We had about 3 weeks of cold, then Spring, with a few cold weeks now and then. It's kinda funny, however, now its getting way too hot, and honestly I'm super glad that I won't be here when summer hits fully!  It's going to be a brutal summer for all, and I'm just barely missing it!!!!!

We're teaching lessons a whole lot more now, (thankfully) and we're finding more and more people to teach!  We have a really cool family who are preparing for baptism!  They are super sweet, and really just want to do what's right. Their name is Family Hernandez, and we'll see what goes down in these next few weeks!  They just need to get a response from God about the Book of Mormon, and then from there we will keep on going!

Shout out to my super brave sister Amber back at home!!!! Shes a true example of a Member Missionary!!!!  She stood up for her beliefs in an incredibly difficult situation, with peers on all sides mocking her beliefs. However she stood firm and defended what's right!

In the mission field we see stuff like that a lot!  People shutting doors on us, others ignoring us as we pass.  Today I stopped by a store to ask for directions to the paintball field (yes we got permission to play paintball!!!!!), and were met  with hard stares and a ´´what are you doing here?´´.

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, we stand out from the crowd.   We stick to the word of God as it has always been, and we won´t deviate from that.  As we follow what we know to be true, there will be many who will make fun of us, try to shame us, and speak badly of us. 

We need to put our faith in God, and hold to what we know to be true in all situations.  Our example will be a beacon for those who desire the further light and knowledge of their Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Then, when the world accuses us of not being like them, we can proudly say ´´Good, I don't want to be like the world.  I'm trying to be like Jesus.´´  In that there is safety, peace, and happiness.

Today, we got permission to play paintball!!!!   It was great!  The last time I played was with Ammon the Saturday before I left for the mission!  With him, we were crazy, running around shooting everyone up without shirts!   

This time, yes, I kept my shirt on.  However I still went crazy running around shooting the other team up!  Haha a little bit of nostalgia of the old times....  However I am now psyched and pumped for another week of hard work in the service of our God, Jesus Christ!

Love you guys a ton!!!!

Elder Pettingill

(ps..... after today.... you'll only get 8 emails left from me....)     :(