Monday, January 4, 2016

December 28, 2015 - It snowed in Chihuahua & a transfer

Christmas presents! :)

Pinata for party at the apartment

Hanging out with the zone

Big fun in Chihuahua :)

Made my first cake!

Ive got changes again!!!!!  Im getting changed to a place called Cuahtemoc!!!!!  Ive heard that they've got a ton of snow there, and that its a lot like Colorado!!!!!  I don't know who my comp will be yet, but its going to be fun!!!!!

I'm definitely going to miss this area though, and everyone who I got to work with and grow close with!  There are a lot of members,  a lot of investigators who were amazing, and I'm looking forward to visiting here after my mission (In the future of course).  I can at least say that I'm leaving this place a whole lot better than how I had found it!  
So on Monday, we had a big zone activity, we all played soccer!  It was great! The only sad (funny) thing is that my comp broke his hand!  So we didn't go to the hospital till Wednesday though, and he had to get a cast!  Then even worse yet, my comp got really sick the next day, and so we had to go to the hospital the next day again!  After we got back he slept all day and so I made a cake, napped, and deep cleaned our house for the party we were going to have!  We had a total of 8 elders in the house that night and it was crazy!  I had a bought the cheapest pinata I could find (30 pesos) and it was practically indestructible! We ended up having a small fight night after that,  (Of course I totally destroyed!!!)  
Christmas day was great, we got skype our families, and my family is doing awesome as always!  Last year they barely had internet so we couldn't really talk, but this time it was all perfect!  
This week has been pretty wonderful in focusing on Christ.  I've been reading in Jesus the Christ about his birth and him growing up and everything and I'm really starting to understand him a whole lot better, and feel a whole lot closer him!
It's been getting pretty cold here, and even has snowed these past couple days!!!!  Apparently it hasn't done that in 5 years, so I feel pretty blessed to be here during this time!!!!  
I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!!!!!  Tell me about how your Christmas went!  Any good spiritual experiences happen to you recently? Do you have any questions that you would like me to answer for you? 
Siempre Fuerte,
Elder Pettingill

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