Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 5, 2016 - Love from home!

Another package from the best family in the world! :)
A yummy cookie from the crackers and frosting we sent. :)

Saludos de Jimenez Chihuahua!!!!
So this last week has been a pretty crazy week!  First off, I got two new elders in my district now!!!  The Hermanas are still in the district, my district just got a whole lot bigger!  The best part is, is that the Elders area is the area that I first had when I got here to Mexico in 2014, so I'm able to and check on my converts and old friends in the ward.  I'm out there helping the Elders when I'm there in Parral, so this cycle is going to go great! I'll send pictures of my district next week!  
We found someone super awesome this last week, her name is Mary Cruz.  She's super ready to hear the gospel. She had a lot of bad stuff happen to her recently, and is ready to start the healing process that comes from following the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Everything out here is going pretty good!  Things are going smoothly in the ward. There's a lot of work to do with my district and in Jimenez, and I recently received a package from the best family in the world!!!!   Wooooo!!!!!!!!
Love you guys so much,
Elder Pettingill

August 22, 2016 - FAST CHAIN - very cool idea!

David and new comp


So this last week me and my comp were able to find some really cool investigators!  The members are really starting to trust us a ton now, and are bringing us lots of their friends and family members!  The really cool one we found is a guy who's come to church for the past 8 months. He's the husband of a member in the ward.  He hasn't baptized yet, mostly just cause hes never had missionaries visit him who have tried to teach him!  So, we're teaching him now, and this guy is super prepared to accept the gospel!  Only has to stop drinking coffee, and receive his own testimony from God!
The members are super excited for missionary work right now, this past week, they started a ´fast chain´.  Basically the whole ward is fasting for the same thing (For the church to be filled with new members and less active members to return) and so what their doing, they all chose one day to fast, and started this last week.  Basically, one person per day will fast for 40 days!  Woooo!!!!!  Super happy for my little branch I'm working in!

This past week wasn't the best week of work though... I got sick....  Yeah, I forgot that stuff like that could still happen to me......  Its ok though, im 90% better now, and ready to work like a boss!!!!!
It's starting to cool down a bit now, we're also still getting a ton of rain!  I know I was telling you guys about how hot it gets here.... Well soon I'll be telling you about how cold it gets!!!!
Also, the more I learn about the history of Jimenez, the more I'm starting to realize, how ready Jimenez is to have a ton of members!   All it needed were a couple of good missionaries to animate the members, and I'm hoping that me and my comp are those missionaries!
Nothing else to exciting going on, however lets hope that this next week we'll see some great and exciting things going on!!!
Love you all!  Hoping everything is going great for you guys!
Elder Pettingill

August 15, 2016 - Vultures and Gatorade

Gatorade - a lifesaver!
Sorry I haven't emailed recently!  Haven't had much time to email.....   However, don't worry, I haven't had any run ins with any Narcos recently!!!!

Everything is getting better in Jimenez, the branch is starting to trust me and my comp and we're finally starting to get things rolling here!
We've had to leave behind a lot of investigators recently who haven't been progressing, which is super sad, however it leaves us a lot of room to find a ton of new elect people!
ME and my comp are getting along great!  We're working together a whole lot better, and my district is beginning to have a ton more success so everything is looking better for the future!
Another interesting thing is that now I'm teaching principles of gospel now!
Love you guys nos vemos!
Elder Pettingill

August 1st

 Hey guys!  Another awesome week has passed!  A lot of work done, and still even more to be done!

Here we're to get to know our area a whole lot better, and we're finding a whole lot of new people every day, sadly we're also leaving behind quite a few people.  Got the whole ward excited this last week to start working a ton with us, and we're seeing a lot of small miracles here and there, so really everything down here in Mexico is going great!
There's really not anything new going this week, however, everybody who I came into the mission with 2 years ago are all going to be gone by the end of this month.  I'm lucky enough to be with one of my buddies from the MTC (My zone leader) and its going to be weird seeing them all leave (except for one who extended his mission 30 days).    
Still working super hard out here, still teaching by the spirit, and helping others to achieve their eternal salvation.
Oh, one interesting thing is that me and my comp live right next to an abandoned Mason Temple.  Its like shoved up right next to our house, and its really interesting.....  
Until next week my people!!!

Elder Pettingill

July 25, 2016 - Buenas Tardes, from the HOTTEST place in my mission!!!!

New comp Elder Calizaya

Hermanas version of District

Buenas Tardes, from the HOTTEST place in my mission!!!!

Sorry I didn't write you all this past week, had transfers and everything went crazy!  So I got transferred to a city out in the middle of nowhere called Jimenez.  It's the city that's the most far to the south of Chihuahua, near the border of the mission.  Its a beautiful city, and its SUPER FLAT, and SUPER HOT, however its great and I'm already excited for all the new possibilities in this new city!

Still DL, however wha'ts interesting is that my district is an hour away from me in the city of Parral (My first area when I started the mission), so doing divisions and getting everything done in the little time that we have during the week is going to be super fun to figure out.  I'm basically going to be carrying around a small little duffle bag for the first half of every week helping my district out in Parral, then returning to make sure everything is going smoothly in my area in Jimenez.
Jimenez has an interesting story, however to save you guys from the long cheezy rumors, I'll give you the basic run down.  Basically Jimenez is a city about the size of Castle Rock back at home, it's pretty big, and there are a ton that can, and needs to be done! There used to be 8 Elders in Jimenez, a while ago, and Jimenez really has the potential to become its own zone.  The only thing is that the Elders that were here in the transfer before.... Well they weren't the best of Elders. Basically I came into Jimenez finding out that nothing has been done (Missionary Work wise) for a long time.....  So I'm basically opening up the area here, with 2 old investigators who were being taught by different elders 2 cycles ago.  So I'm super excited to opening this area, and me and my comp are going to start seeing some really great fruits pretty soon.
My new comp, his name is Elder Calizaya!  He's from Peru, and he just barely finished his training this last cycle.  Honestly, the only way to describe him is that his just a big goofball.  Hes super awesome and Hilarious, and it seems like hes ready to really ´put his shoulder to the wheel´!!!  Which we're going to have to, cause there's a TON of work to do, and not enough time to do it.
Honestly that's what it really comes down to.  Time is the one thing that we can never have enough of.  It's not something that we can buy, and time is always going by faster than we realize!  I may only have 9 more months in the mission, however that time is going to go by SUPER fast!  How do you use your time? Are you in the pursuit of worthy goals and pursuits? Or are you wasting the time that God has given you in pursuits that really don't matter?  What's the best use of your time?
One of my favorite scriptures can be found in Moroni 9:6,  And now, my beloved son, notwithstanding their hardness, let us labor diligently; for if we should cease tolabor, we should be brought under condemnation; for we have a labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay, that we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness, and rest our souls in the kingdom of God.

We all have been given our time to perform our labors here on Earth.  First off we have to make sure our own souls will be ready for when our time comes to an end, and if we have assured our own Eternal Life, then our duty is to then help our many brothers and sisters come to a knowledge of their state before God, so that they may begin to exercise their work, repent of their sins, baptize and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost as a sign to our Father in Heaven that they are ready to follow His Son, and return to live the rest of Eternity in our Home Celestial.
Don't waste your time on things that don't matter, please.  Time goes faster than you think, and someday, we'll have to stand before God to give Him a report of how we used the Time that He gave us.
I love you all, and I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Elder Pettingill
ps. The other foto is a foto of my district that one of the hermans drew! :D

July 11, 2016

Package from home!

Ward in Cuahtemoc

Hey guys!  This past week we had a ton of changes in the aspect missional here in Chihuahua Mexico!!!!   Our new Mission President is super awesome, and he's really turning the mission in the right direction!

Me and my comp have been having a lot more success in our area recently! And we've been finding a ton of people, and working with the members a ton!   Changes are next week though, so we'll see if they send me away from Cuauhtemoc now or no, I've been here for 7 months now.... Its aweosme here though, and I love it a ton!!!!
Hope you guys are all doing great!!!! Oh! and a Big shoutout to My Family back at home for sending me a care package with a ton of hilarious jokes, and also to Grandma Frodsham for the Neck towels to keep my nice and cool out here in the Inferno!!!!  Love you guys!

Elder Pettingill

July 4, 2016 - INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Playing in the mud!

Working hard!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LAND OF THE FREE AND THE BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!!!  Hope you all had a blast this past week, and hope you have a crazy night of fireworks and wonders!!!!!  VIVE AMERICA!!!!!!!!
Everything here in Mexico is going great!  We'RE seeing a lot of changes with our new Mission President, all of which are great and helping us out a ton!!!!!  The members are helping, and we're seeing many miracles happen because of our obedience to God and his commandments!
Its been raining a TON here recently.  There was one day, where the rivers in the streets got so high and fast that there were literal RAPIDS in the streets!!!!  I was in a taxi, going to a baptism, so I was lucky enough to stay dry.  However we did joke about just going out and baptizing people in the streets, literally. 
This past week we've been helping out a ton with a bunch of service projects!  We de-weeded a garden of this one guy who could barely walk, and repainted a work building for a member in our building.  Being tall really helps, it means that everyone here in Mexico really needs you cause they can't reach that tall. 
We helped out with the Hermanas in my district this week a ton as well.  They are crazy!  After the last visit for the day, they just started jumping in all of the mud puddles they could find!  We obviously joined in with them, and it was pretty fun!
This week is looking great!  A lot of people ready to teach, and a lot of people with hearts open to listen to the message of God!
I don't have pictures of the baptisms cause I forgot my camera that day......  However, here are some of the Hermanas in my district!
Love you guys, have a great week!
Elder Pettingill

June 27, 2016

This past week flew by super fast!  Well, really this whole month just didn't even happen. I can't believe we're already in July!   July is going to be a big month with a ton of stuff going on!  We're meeting our new President tomorrow! And I'm still melting from the heat........

We had to hand fill the font again - we've got it down super well.  The converts don't even mind the cold water now cause of all the heat!
Love you guys a ton!  Hope all is well!  Tenga un buena semana!!!!!
Elder Pettingill