Monday, January 4, 2016

November 17, 2015 - I turned 20!

David and his birthday cake :)

Sorry about not writing yesterday!!!!  We had cambios yesterday and we had no time to literally do anything!!!!  Also yesterday was kinda like Independence day for them, so most of the shops were closed....... and your going to have to wait till next week for pictures!    This computer isnt being nice to me.

Guess what??? I'm training now!!!!  My new companion, his name is Elder Larsen, hes from Draper Utah and he has about 3 months and I'm finishing off his training! I'm gonna miss Elder Jimenez, but he's still in my zone, so we'll still get to work together now and then!  Elder Larsen is a great guy, and we're going to kill it here in Girasoles now!!!!  The members are starting to get a whole lot more excited over missionary work now, and are starting to come out with us more often.  We were rejected by a lot of people last week, but we are seeing a lot of miracles! 
Last week I turned 20! I bought a cake and a couple sweet ties to celebrate, I'll send pics next week! 
All in all, we have a lot of new investigators, a lot of them are really cool, and all of them are really pushing hard! 
Its starting to get colder here in Chihuahua!!!  We've had a lot of rain, and everybody is starting to think of Christmas now!!!  The missionaries in my ward have all joined the Christmas Choir, and we're going to be singing in the stake conference down here!  
  Before I send this, I just want to testify of the power of the scriptures.  We had an investigator who's been searching for an answer from God for a while now, praying and fasting, but he never would tell us his question.  Finally he told us, which was Why does god allow me to go through all of these temptations and trials in my life when he has the power to take it all away?  My first thought was of Doctrine and Covenants 122 verse 7.  I've never seen a scripture have more effect over any other person than this verse had over him.  I literally could see understanding spreading through his countenance. He sat down, and did his best to stop his tears from coming out in public (we were in a park).  The Bible, and the Book of Mormon, and all of the words of the prophets, are literally the words of God.  He has sent us his scriptures, so that his words can echo throughout all of time to all the people of the earth.  We are his children, and he has prepared a way for us to return to him, we only have to follow the path he has laid out for us.
 I love all you guys, and hope everything is going great wherever you are!!!!!
Siempre Fuerte,
Elder Pettingill

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