Monday, January 4, 2016

December 21, 2015 Christmas party!

David with a bunch of mission buddies

David with current trainee and past trainer

David with President and Sister Chavez
Feliz Navidad mi familia y Amigos!!!!!!!

To answer some of your questions last that I got from this last week, no I am not shrinking, and my hair isn`t going blond......   Haha that was a picture from my zone, and my zone has a lot of giants in it!!!!   Then in the other one the lighting was just being funny I guess!
So this week has been a crazy week!!!!!  First off this past Wednesday was our Christmas party as a mission!  It was awesome! I got a pic with the person who trained me, and with the person I'm training!  Then the other pic is of my Mission President and his wife!  They are awesome people who really help us out in everything we do!  We ate a lot of Turkey, cake, stuffing, mashed potatos, and it was all great!
So working with the members so much has actually really worked out really well with our investigators!  Everyone is a whole lot more excited in going to church, and the investigators feel more at home now!  Everyone has a baptismal date, now they just got to keep on learning and coming to church!  I also have two new investigators who really want to get baptized, they just need to get married first.  So I´m learning how to marry people now!!!!  It`s actually kinda easy here, just a lot of paper work and money.....
Super excited for Christmas this week!!!  I want you guys to think about what your going to give Christ for Christmas this year. Hope all is going well with you guys back at home!!!! Feliz Navidad!!!! Espero que su semana va a ser muy especial!!!!

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