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December 7, 2015 - Priesthood blessings

Hola mi amigos y familia!!!

We´ve found a lot of people who have been prepared by the Lord this week, and everything is going great! We´ve got a lot to do now, we´re the only missionaries in this ward now, and our area is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!!!!  Think of like all of Castle Rock, including Sedalia reaching to about the foot of the mountains, and thats how big my area is now.  We can only get around on foot too, so its soooooo much fun.  We take buses though when we need to, and the members are starting to get more excited about missionary work, and are working with us more! (Which means we get rides everywhere when we have appointments.)  Also its stopped raining, and just getting colder now!

This past week has been awesome!  We found a guy on the side of the road selling wood,and hes digging into the church!  His name is Jorge, and hes getting his family in another city to invesstigate the church as well, hes the happiest guy Ive met!  His first language is english as well, so my comp and I love going to visit him.
We also have another awesome investigator named Sandra who we just started teaching this past Saturday! Shes about 21 years old, and is studying Criminology!!!! Exactly what I want to study when I get back!  Shes also really getting into the church, doesn´t really know anything about God or Jesus Christ or anything, and shes loving everything we´re teaching her!  She went to church, and loved it! Im really proud of the members too, they really befriended her while she was there and she even went to the Christmas Program last night that the church gave!
We also found another really cool family.  We went to go visit a contact we had named Norma, and we got there and she said that we couldn´t come in right now cause she had a lot on her hands with stuff, and we were about to leave when she asked if we offered prayers to people.  Of course we do, so she let us in and she started telling us about how she´s been sick for about a month and nothing medicine wise or anything is helping her.  She also asked us to pray for her husband and brother who have some stuff going on.  We explained to her that prayer is a form of communication between us and God, and how when we pray, we're literally talking with our Father in Heaven and that we can ask for blessings, find out answers to questions, give thanks for what we had, and basically say whatever you want to say in the prayer.  We then explained the Priesthood to her, about how the Priesthood is the Authority and Power of God given to man here on earth to bring to pass his eternal works.  Explained how basically its the Keys to the Heavens.  (Its so different explaining this in English).  We told her that we would like to give  her a priesthood blessing of healing, and that this blessing would be brought to pass according to her faith.  We first prayed with her for her brother and husband, then we gave her the blessing, and taught the Evangelio de Jesucristo after that.  We´ve met with her several times now, and she was perfectly fine the next day we came to see her, and now shes bringing all her family to talk with us and we have a lot of hope for all of them now!  
Gods Power really is here on earth! We´ve been given the keys to the heavens again, The Holy Priesthood of God!  Only through his authority can baptisms be valid in his eyes, only through his Authority can the true church of God be led!  We are so blessed to live in these days of Prophets, Apostles, who have all the keys of the Priesthood and that we can use this priesthood to bring about the eternal purpose of God here on Earth!!!!
Siempre Fuerte,
Elder Pettingill

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