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November 23, 2015

David at an investigator's home

David and new companion Elder Larsen

Alright guys! So this week has been great!

We hit the streets hard this week, looking for new people to teach, teaching the people we have, and being the best missionaries we could be! 
Elder Larsen is pretty cool, pretty chill, and his Spanish is pretty good for the little time he has in his mission! He has about 3 months in total.  We've been working on a lot, specifically teaching more unified.  His last trainer hardly ever gave him time to teach, and he's really grown a lot in the past few days now that he's with a trainer who wants him to talk more!  (I'm not saying I don't like teaching, I absolutely love it!  Its more that I want him to be able to grow as much as he can in these last few weeks of his training).
For those of you who don't know what training is, basically once we get to the mission field, we grow through 12 weeks of training (I completed mine back in the first time I was here in Mexico).  These 12 weeks are focused on making the trainee a better teacher, and helping him to learn what an investigator needs to be fully converted unto the Lord.  These trainees are put with another missionary so that they can train this missionary, and still complete all the work that they need to get done out in the field.
The only thing I don't like about training is that we can't leave the house until 12 in the morning.....  Just because by then we'll have completed the training for the day, and go about with the rest of our plans for the day!  (Before when I wasn't training him, Jimenez and I finished our studies by 10:30 , then had the rest of the day to preach the gospel)!
Its starting to get Colder down here!!!!!!! and I lost my light sweaters somewhere in the house.... I literally looked everywhere for them!  I still got my lama jacket though, so its all good!  I also bought another jacket today just so I can have something light to wear.
So we've found a lot of people this week and everything is going great! Though really the only big story I have to share today is kind of a sad one.....  We had this investigator who was coming to church and family home evenings and meeting with us every day.  She had 3 kids, and wanted to be a better example to all them and help them believe in God.  However, every time we tried to teach her she would always be looking around, as if she couldn't wait for us to leave, and always answer the questions as fast as she could, unless it was a question that required her to actually think about an answer, then she would just say I don't know.  We literally tried everything with her, examples, games, stories, I even climbed a telephone pole as if I was about to touch the electric wire to demonstrate faith!!!!  
In the end, she just didn't want to put forth the effort to find God.  She was so close! All she had to do was pray, and she would have received an undeniable revelation that God really was her Father in Heaven, and that He really is there!  
I've seen so many undeniable miracles while I've been here, I know that we have a Father in Heaven who lives, loves, and know each and every one of us.  I know that Jesus Christ atoned for our sins, and that we can rid ourselves of all our sins and guilt through him.  Also I know that the Holy Ghost testifies of both of them, and that through the Holy Ghost each and every one of us can know the truth of the words the Prophets in the times of Old, and the Prophets in our days.  All we have to do is search and ask.  'If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not.'  
Siempre Fuerte,
Elder Pettingill

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