Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016 - Just another normal Mormon... :)

Giant Cactus!

Lunch in the streets of Cuahtemoc

P Day at Lookout point in Cuahtemoc

Alright guys, this week nothing too exciting happened, just a lot of good stuff for the people we are teaching!!!!!

So to start off, my foot is doing a whole lot better!  I can do a limp run, and walking is back to normal!  Still black, but its getting better!
This week was great!  Our investigators are doing great!  
So you guys remember a guy named Jorge who I met back in my last area? The one who speaks English and knows everything we're teaching to him is true?  Well, it just so happens that I was put into the area where his family lives, so I've been teaching them and everything is going great!  These guys love the church now, and are learning so much!  However, with the mother, it was an increeeeeeedibly hard beginning!  She has a super evil Pastor, who preaches all sorts of falsehoods against our church (against the Mormons).  Anyway, she had a whole lot of bad ideas about the Church, the top one being that we all have 10 wives.  She is the most stubborn lady I have ever met.  She wouldn't listen to anything I said!  I showed her pictures of my family, (No we don't have 10 wives), I would show her scriptures in the Book of Mormon that literally say you can't have more than one wife, and explained the law of chastity to her and everything!  Even after all that, she still would not listen to me!!!  I finally got two different members (wife and husband) to come visit her, and she started listening after the 2nd couple.  Then finally went to church this past Sunday and learned for herself that 1. We don't have more than one wife. 2. We Mormons are actually pretty normal!  They really enjoyed Church (Even though they missed the first hour (the best hour)).  They're going to keep´coming, and they're really enjoying everything they're learning!  I don't know why they wouldn't though since its all true and from God.....
Another family we're teaching is doing great! We've taught them for about 2 weeks now, and they love all the changes that are happening in their lives!  They've gotten rid of smoking, and drinking, and they love the hot chocolate that we gave them!
Now, onto the Menonitas!!!!!!   The more I learn about them, the more I cant stop thinking about them!  They are soooooooooo incredibly ready to hear the gospel!!!!! I visited them again this past Saturday with a member.  We were in divisions this day, and my comp and I both had a member with us!  This time I went to the Menonites, I wasn't rejected once!!!!  I just went from house to house, and was just chatting with them, trying to establish a little bit of trust (and let them know I wasn't part of Jehovah's Witness) and then starting asking about their religion, and talking about mine.  A lot of them are willing for me to come back and chat with them some more!  The last family I talked to before I had to head back to town, accepted Das Buch Mormon (The Book of Mormon) and is going to read it!  These guys seriously are the Lamanites in our modern days!!!!!
Later that day I was talking with some of the Bishops, and apparently there was a huge effort 2 years ago to preach to these guys. All the members were working together on it, the Mission President was over there preaching to them, and even a member of the Quorum of the 70 was there preaching to them!!!  Apparently they didn't have any success. There was one person who was close to baptizing, but didn't do it. I guess all these guys were just sowing the seeds for me to reap! ;)  I also got a couple references for members who were closely involved with this work, so I'm working on finding their numbers and getting some references of the Menonites who were being worked with!
I've always loved a good challenge, and I'm not going to let anything stop me!  Not even the fact that some of them don't even speak Spanish!  I'm kinda learning German, but we'll see where this path goes!  Hopefully it doesn't lead to any more Bear Dogs......
I know that nothing is impossible when we have God on our side working with us!  God loves every single one of us, and wants us all to be able to return to him in Heaven!  Even big scary Germans!
Love you guys and hope all is well with you!
Siempre Fuerte,
Elder Pettingill

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