Monday, February 13, 2017

January 9, 2017 - I made it to Chihuahua!

So first off I want to apologize that I haven't sent any photos these past few weeks! Lots of excuses, and this time is that the computer has its USB spots taken out..... Next week for sure I will send a ton of fotos!!!!

I made it safely to Chihuahua.  That night, I had to sleep on the floor, but its all good.  First thing in the morning I went by every single bus station to find one that would take me to Chihuahua.  The last one, thankfully had a bus that would be leaving 10 mins from when I got there.  So obviously I hopped on board.  Everything (for me at least) is pretty normal, another new area, another sad ward that needs a lot of help, and another new comp who like some old comps I've had, doesn't have great desires for missionary work....  So a lot of new challenges to conquer, all of which I (thankfully) have a lot of experience in overcoming.  So, these next few weeks are going to be VERY interesting......  

Also, with all that's going on here in Mexico, they're asking us missionaries to keep a food and water supply for a few weeks in the future.... So hello to only beans and rice for this month at least....  Honestly, here in Chihuahua everything is pretty normal, just a lot of hate towards the government here (which is completely understandable).

So, that's whats new.  You guys can be happy with the fact that I'm working 100% until the end, and that I'm happy in the work of the Lord.  The comfort I found in this situation is that even though I don't understand why I was sent here completely, I know that God sent me here with a purpose, and that He wants me to accomplish great things here!!!

Elder Pettingill

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