Monday, February 13, 2017

January 23, 2017 - It's all about the attitude...

I made Pistachio Oreo ice cream cake!

Any RM's know what this t-shirt means??

Hola mis amados hermanos y miembros de mi familia Maravillosa!

Hope all of you have had a wonderful week, and that all is well with your new president (Trump)!  Soon to be mine, in 4 months....   3 months after this week.... :´(  

Something interesting from last week.....  I gave a talk in church!  Also I have to capacitate [?] the zone this week.  A lot of fun, I honestly enjoy teaching and expanding the knowledge of others.

This last week was a great week of working hard, and trying to figure out what more we could do to further the work of the Lord!  We are having trouble finding new investigators, however our pool of investigators is growing by the week!  Our legs are sore, my ears are sunburned, and my watch tan-line drastically embarrassing; and I've never been happier than I am here.

 There are going to be rough days, even rough weeks.  Who knows, sometimes those rough weeks can turn into a rough month.  However, what makes the difference in the rough times, the difference that gives you the ability to keep your chin high in humility, is your attitude.  A bad attitude won't get you anywhere, a lot of times it will get you in trouble.  However, a good attitude, or the right perspective in life will help you come out on top of the hard times successful and ready to conquer in good times.

Even more important is WHERE that perspective comes from.  There's a lot of advice, a lot of counseling friends and neighbors.  Some give bad advice, some give good advice, but no one gives better advice than our Saviour Jesus Christ.

As we come unto Him, in humility, and we perfect ourselves in Him, miracles happen.  We can see ourselves grow and change into an individual who far outshines the one of before.  As we follow Him, study Him, and try to mold lives to that of His life, our perspectives change.  Our knowledge grows, and our ability to do more expands.  As Moroni of old, I invite each of you to come unto Christ, and to perfect yourselves in Him.  Then, help others to do the same.  

I love you guys a ton, hope you have a great week.
Elder Pettingill

This week we made oreo pistachio ice cream cake (Thanks Mom for the Recipe!!!)
And I'm sure that only other missionaries will understand this shirt, let me know if you figure it out!

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