Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January 2, 2017 - 3 hours away from Chihuahua, and no way to get there!

Ok, so I finally have got some time to write, so Ill let you guys know about the last two weeks! 

Ok, first, Christmas!  What we did Christmas Eve is we were invited to go and eat with a family in the branch. We ate turkey, and ham, and mashed potatoes, and honestly, everything tasted super great!!!!  I haven't had a turkey dinner in a LONG time!!!! 
Received gifts from family, and opened them up the morning of Christmas! It was great to feel the love from family in those packages!  The best part is that they even thought of my companions there, and sent gifts for them as well! So we were all able to enjoy Christmas together.

The next week after that we were focused on changing houses cause the contract we had for the current was expiring.  We actually found a house 2x the size, 2 stories, with a balcony, built in closets and a bathtub!  Wow!  We were super stoked when we changed houses, and changed just in time to enjoy the balcony for New Years Eve!

We had a ton of food and everything, it was great! Even had board games, however my comps were boring and decided to play chess....  Woo.....

It was still great, though!  

We were having a lot of dificulty finding new people this last week, until we had the idea to give some members some lessons and then ask for references after.  We ended up finding a lot of people that way, and this week they are all going to be contacted, however not by me.

I just got changes!!!  I'm heading down to Chihuahua, where I think Im going to be for my last 3 cycles.  Super excited, and now that I'm nearing the finish line, its time to start sprinting even faster!  In a race, you always want to finish strong, and that's my mentality here in Mexico!!!!
Only one slight problem...on my way to Chihuahua (yes, they sent me solo.... que miedo (how scary)...) I got stranded in a city 3 hours from Chihuahua.  Apparently the gas prices raised up, causing everything else to as well, and in every city in Mexico (from what I hear) there are blockades going on the the highways until the government lowers the price again.  So, unofficially I'm in a Tri companionship until the highway opens up and I can get to Chihuahua! 
So, all is well.  I'm in good health, I'm working hard, and God is watching over me.  I couldn´t ask for more.

Elder Pettingill

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