Wednesday, January 4, 2017

November 14, 2016 - Happy Birthday to me!

Birthday cake face!

Making tortillas!

Hey guys! This week went by so fast that I don't even remember what happened!!! Jk, however it did go by super fast.

The birthday was great, I got my face smashed in a cake that my comp bought me.....  However it was a pretty fun night!   

Everything's going great with the comp, he's just as hilarious as always, and still goes out running with me every morning.  Super awesome, transfers are next week so we'll hope that we don't get changed.

The two baptisms that we had this week fell through, however we're still working with them and we're all working hard down here in Jimenez!  Teaching by the spirit, finding new people, and working well with the district!

The district is doing great. They're happy, and starting to get better results.  All, in all its been a good week. I heard that Trump won.  Lets see if any angry Mexicans try to kick me out of their country now!   

Love you guys! Here's a photo of me making tortillas today!  I'm trying to cut down my grocery costs, so I figured if i made tortillas and beans at home, that'd make things a whole lot easier.... and its turning out great!

Love you!  

Elder Pettingill

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