Wednesday, January 4, 2017

December 12, 2016 - it's SO cold!

Hanging out at a studio!

Mis amados hermanos, hermanas, y familia,

This week has been pretty good.  We've gotten a ton of work done, and have a lot of miracles going on.  We're finding some really cool families who are coming to church, and more people prepping for baptism!  This week, a youth named Kenya, is getting baptized this Saturday!  She's worked super hard to get this far, and is super  excited to get baptized.  Shes super cool, and to describe her, shes honestly a like a mix of my two little sisters, Amber and Emily!  

The cold is still here, and lingers throughout the whole day!  The worse part is that its even colder inside the houses! All the houses are made of cement, which just hang onto all the Cold from outside during the winter, or when its summer, its an oven inside.  No fun!

Now and then there are some houses that have their Christmas decorations up, and all the houses we visit all have their Christmas trees put up!   Nothing like the states, however I'm super excited to see all the houses with their decorations  next year!

Lets see.... I know my letters haven't been super exciting recently!  Shoot me a small message about what you guys want to know about Mexico!  

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