Wednesday, January 4, 2017

November 28, 2016 - Burgers for Thanksgiving!

Hamburgers for Thanksgiving!

New comp Elder Mendoza!

Hope you guys had a Happy Thanksgiving!

This last week was a great week, getting everything started with the training of Elder Mendoza. So, hes from Bolivia. Has an interesting accent.  And is almost as tall as I am!  Its crazy!  I never thought that I would see another Latino as tall as me!   Hes super excited to be starting his mission, and hes sharing the gospel with every person he can!  Its great!  

Now, you're probably wondering what we did for Thanksgiving...... Well, that day the family that invited us over to eat forgot that we were going to eat with them.... But its all good!  My wonderful and loving mother had told me (the last time I went to write) to buy some food and make a great Thanksgiving feast! 

Well, my oven wasn't big enough for a turkey.... So, I went for the next best option!  I made American style Hamburgers!!!!!! Made them from scratch, then grilled them over a charcoal fire in the backyard!  SUPER DELICIOUS!  All the burgers they make here in Mexico are as thin as paper....  So it was nice to have a change.

Now we're entering December!  Woo!!!!  Love Christmas!!!! Guess what?!?!?  It'll be my THIRD CHRISTMAS in the mission!!!!!!!  :D WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  The only missionary who can say that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This month is going to be crazy, if you guys want to see why, check out ...... Its Awesome!

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