Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November 7, 2016 - Happy birthday!!

Birthday breakfast!

Adam Sandler in Mexico??

Hey guys!  I'M 21 NOW!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Well, in 2 more days, however I'm celebrating today cause I won't have time on Wednesday!!!!!
This past year has flown by!  So much has happened this past year, but you already know about the past year, so here's a quick update of this last week.
Dia de los muertos.......  Its a day of remembrance of those who have passed on.  Its really interesting, even more interesting seeing how much people don't know about whats after this life.  SO, we went to the cemetery Tuesday and Wednesday in the morning (its two days) and we preached all morning long there.  We found a lot of people who want us to pass by again, also were rejected by a lot but hey, thats the mission life!  
The branch party was pretty awesome!  Piñata was a ton of fun, everyone got a chance to beat it.  It was a pretty tough piñata!  It still survived after all the children and youth with a couple of parents mixed in had their chance!  So, they passed the stick to me, and I got to open the piñata for everyone!  Super Fun!  Its not a party, if there's no piñata, even for Christmas down here in Mexico.  I'm pretty sure this is going to be one of the traditions that I will carry on when I get back home!
2 baptisms lined up for the 19th of this month!  Super Excited!!!!!!   Juan, the guy who found the Book of Mormon in the trash (If you haven't read the Book of Mormon yet, read it, it will change your life), and another youth of 20 years old, whom I've been teaching for 4 months now..... Finally is ready!!!!!! Wooooo!!!!!!
Heres a foto of me with Adam Sandler!!!! Yes, he visited Mexico!  Na, jk, I just found a Mexican version of Adam Sandler! 
Also shout out to the best family ever!!!!!!  2 packages within a week of each other!  One for Halloween, another for my birthday!  Super awesome!!!!!!! Love them a ton!!!!

Love all you guys back at home, good luck with the elections.  Must be super crazy out there right now.  
Elder Pettingill

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