Wednesday, January 4, 2017

December 19, 2016 - Baptism of Kenya!

Baptism of Kenya!

Making corndogs!

FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

WOOOOOOOOO How crazy is it that we're already here in Christmas time????  I remember it as yesterday that everyone was talking about Black Friday!!!!  

This last week was pretty crazy, but hey, I got good news!!!!!!!!!!!  Kenya se bautiso!!!! Kenya got baptized!!!! 
She was super excited for her baptism, and wanted to have corndogs at her baptism.  So we made corndogs with her the morning of her baptism!  You know, making home made corndogs is super easy, cheap, delicious and fun!  They turned out pretty yummy, and everyone loved them in her baptism!  

This last week, we struggled with finding new people to start teaching.  We're looking pretty diligently though, cause there's a lot of elect of the Lord out here, we just got to find them!  

We had the ward party this last week, super fun!  We had a ton of investigators come, and it was a blast! We did a special musical number, then it turned into a karaoke time!  It was kinda funny watching everyone sing!  (they don't sing very well here......However I still love them all!)

The weather is still confused about what time of the year it is.  Sometimes, it feels like its still summer!  Other times it finally decides it wants to be winter! Its super confusing, however the one constant is that its ALWAYS cold inside our little cement house. There's no heating system in the house, so I sleep underneath three big cozy blankets at night.  Super comfortable.  The rest of the time I wear a different sweater every day, just trying to keep things mixed up!

This week for the NAVIDAD a lot is going to happen!!!! First off, we're having the Mission Christmas Party tomorrow!  Pres Montoya is going to bring a ton of food, and packages from our families tomorrow.  We're going to eat, show some theatre stuff that we've been working on (a small little nativity) for the Christmas party, and I'm sure there will also be a Piñata!!!!

Then, even better yet, this Sunday is LA NAVIDAD!!!!!!  Going to chat with my family on Sunday through skypé, going to be super awesome!!!!  Then from there, the next time I see them, will be in a big airport in Denver before Mothers Day!

Love you guys a ton!
Elder Pettingill

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