Monday, November 7, 2016

September 12, 2016 - Build a solid foundation!

Baptism of Merced Tovar

This week was fantastic! My district is working hard, and they're getting results now so they're pretty happy.  Also everything out in Jimenez is going great!

The branch members are finally starting to get more active in missionary work, and are starting to get things together in the branch!  Everyone is working hard to have more people come to Church, working super hard to reactivate members, and we're all doing super awesome out here!
Now, there's a lot more heat, however I'm pretty sure its only going to be like this for a week or two....   This week on Saturday is Mexico Independence Day!!! WOOOOOOO!  Everyone here is like, vive Mexico!!! while 'Im here like, Vive America!!!   The ward wants me to lead them in their national anthem..... Aunque tengo el corazon de los Mexicanos, todavĂ­a soy Americano (Estado Unidense).   
What's new?  Well we had a baptism this week!!!!  Super awesome!  Her names is Merced Tovar, sh'es like 80 years old.  Her son was baptized almost a year ago.  Super cool family, super humble.  They built their house in a funky way, basically didn't put a raised cement foundation like in all other places, and because of that, whenever it rains they have a river inside their house....  They figured out that putting sandbags at the door keeps the floods out. There's a good spiritual thought in this...Build your foundations on Christ, and according to how Christ has said.  You can't go wrong in building upon his foundation, and that way, once the floods come, your spiritual house will still stand strong, firm, and dry on the inside!
Love You guys a ton!
Elder Pettingill

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