Monday, November 7, 2016

September 19, 2016

So everything this week went super awesome!!!!!

To start off, no I didn't lead the ward in the national anthem, do'nt worry!  I may be in Mexico, however I'm still a loyal AMERICAN!!!!!!!! America!!!!!!!!
However, with a member of the 70 coming, we did have a lot of work to do.  We had a competition between the zone here in Parral and another in Delicias, to see who would give the special musical part of the program.  Zona PARRAL won!!! WOOO Mi zona!!!!!!    So, it was super cool, we had a bunch of adjustments on two different primary songs put together, however we needed a director for it.... Guess who they wanted to direct them?  I did! Even though Ive never directed a choir before, I have to admit that I did a super great job in doing it!  
With Elder Piper, we learned a lot about how to teach investigators better and focusing in on teaching their need with a commitment in mind to give them.  
I also had the opportunity to have an interview with Elder Piper!  Super awesome, gave me some good advice, and now I'm ready to hit these last few months with every ounce of energy I got!
This week, lots of work to do, however everything is getting increasingly better!
Remember how I told you Jimenez had been destroyed by the last Missioneries?  Well, now we're seeing the efforts of our work!  Assistance in the Church has come up a ton, the leaders are more engaged, and ther'es even a choir in the branch here now!  We've got people preparing for baptism, and have a good base of investigators, so now from here its only going up!!!!!
Love you guys a ton!  Hope all is going well!
Also!  I want to give a SHOUTOUT to my wonderful Mother!!!!!! Its her birthday on the 20 of September!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Love you mom!!!!!!!!!
Elder Pettingill

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