Monday, November 7, 2016

October 10, 2016 - Getting lost in Mexico...

Lost at a ranch in the middle of nowhere!

Zone conference

Somewhere in Mexico...

This week has been an awesomely hot week, pushing forward the work of God!  

We´re finding a ton of new people, teaching powerful lessons with the Spirit, and keeping the house clean!  Nothing crazy happened this past week, just another week that flew by helping people come unto Christ.

Whats new is that this week there were transfers.  My comp is getting changed to a different area (Finally! Even though towards the end we started getting along well enough), and I'm getting a new comp, and district!  Sadly I won´t have my amazing district that I were up there in Parral, what they're doing is sending me 2 more Elders to my small city of Jimenez!!!!!  This is exactly what we needed here in Jimenez, an extra pair of Elders ready to work so that we can push forward with amazing speed!

I'm super excited to work with these guys, and help them get things moving in their new area.  We're going to start seeing a lot more miracles in Jimenez very quickly!  Changes are always a good time, they give us a new opportunity to start again, to do things better than we did the last time.  That's the wonderful part about the Atonement of Christ.  If we apply the atonement in our lives every day, every day becomes a new day to overcome our faults and our weaknesses.  A new day to do things right,  according to the Plan of Happiness that our loving Father in Heaven has given us.  Change isn´t something to be scared of, its what gives us the opportunity to grow, to be better, and become more like our Savior.  

A lot of times Change is necessary, for those who aren´t happy with their lives, or for those who wish to receive greater blessings from God.  Change to correct old behaviors, and create new habits that bring you closer to God, and those around you.  Did I mention that another word for Change is Repentance?  Only through Repentance can we make the mistakes of the past into a learning experience to grow, and to rid ourselves of guilt, anger, and regret that came through these mistakes.  How is this possible?  Only through coming unto Christ is this possible, only through following Him, and His Gospel can you repent and find True Happiness.  That's my challenge to each of you today.  Do a small little internal search, and see what you need to change in your life.  If you know how to pray, ask God, and He´l let you know what it is.  

I love you all a ton, and I hope you have a wonderful week.

Oh I also forgot to mention that me and my comp got lost in the wilderness as we were proselyting......

The other photo is of all the Elders in my Zone, we're a pretty serious group of guys.  Well most of us anyway.....

Elder Pettingill

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