Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 5, 2016 - Love from home!

Another package from the best family in the world! :)
A yummy cookie from the crackers and frosting we sent. :)

Saludos de Jimenez Chihuahua!!!!
So this last week has been a pretty crazy week!  First off, I got two new elders in my district now!!!  The Hermanas are still in the district, my district just got a whole lot bigger!  The best part is, is that the Elders area is the area that I first had when I got here to Mexico in 2014, so I'm able to and check on my converts and old friends in the ward.  I'm out there helping the Elders when I'm there in Parral, so this cycle is going to go great! I'll send pictures of my district next week!  
We found someone super awesome this last week, her name is Mary Cruz.  She's super ready to hear the gospel. She had a lot of bad stuff happen to her recently, and is ready to start the healing process that comes from following the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Everything out here is going pretty good!  Things are going smoothly in the ward. There's a lot of work to do with my district and in Jimenez, and I recently received a package from the best family in the world!!!!   Wooooo!!!!!!!!
Love you guys so much,
Elder Pettingill

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