Monday, November 7, 2016

September 26, 2016

Biggest hill in Parral with David's district!

David in Parral

Alright guys, another week has come and gone out here in the mission...   Everything's going great out here. We've got several investigators on date for baptism, we're out here activating the inactives, and having a blast!  THE SECRET to reactivation is getting them to come to church to feel The Spirit again (which is the key, the more they feel The Spirit, the more they'll want to feel it)!!!  If you can do that, then your on the right track with them!!!!!!
Everything is basically the same as last week, not much change out here in Mexico.  Which isn't good, so I'm brainstorming and looking for revelation to see what I can do to get things moving forward again.  The good thing is that nothings gone for the bad, just got to hope that doesn't change...
Today, had an awesome district activity!  We climbed up the biggest hill in Parral (to me its a small hill...) at 5:30 in the morning to get to see the sunrise!  It was super cloudy, so we didn't get to see it.... However, it was still super fun!  My zone leaders hopped in on our activity, and we all had a blast!!!!
I love you guys a ton!!!! 
Elder Pettingill

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