Monday, November 7, 2016

October 17, 1016 - New Companion!

David and new Comp Elder Marino

New District in Jiminez!

Hey guys! Everything in Jimenez is better than ever! I got a new district out here, and a new comp!!!  His name is Elder Merino, also from Peru!!  Its crazy, I was convinced that all Peruvians were like my old comp, but thankfully my new comp has proved me wrong! He's super awesome, and he's ready to work a ton out here, which means we're going to get along super great!  
Sorry, not a lot of time for this email today, but wanted to let you all know, I'm super excited for this transfer, and we'll see a ton of miracles out here!
I don't have a tie in this picture cause I had taken it off before I thought about taking a photo.....
Love you guys!
 Elder Pettingill

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