Monday, November 7, 2016

October 3, 2016 - General Conference in Spanish!

The weather here in Mexico is going bipolar right now!  I dont think it can decide if it wants to be hot, or if it wants to be cold.  It keeps changing every day!
This week went great, we're finding a lot of people, and working on finding even more! We have a ton of plans to work well with the members this week, so this week should be super awesome!  Capacitated (?) my district on doing something different if they hope to get different results from their work.  It's good advice if they decide to work act on it..... 
This last week we also started on a new service project, we're helping out this one guy to build a new roof for his home! It's a ton of fun! Learning a lot about mixing cement, and building materials. I wish I would've paid more attention to what my dad wanted to teach me before!
Conference was amazing! It was my first General Conference where I committed myself to watching fully in Spanish!  In every other session I was always with other missionaries who didn't understand Spanish too well, so we always watched in English.  It was a great accomplishment to do that, however I have to admit I missed the voices of the prophet and apostles!
Now, our next step is to apply what we learned in this past conference!  Once you aply the words of the prophets, you will see your lives change completely!
Love you a ton,
Elder Pettingill

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