Wednesday, September 7, 2016

August 22, 2016 - FAST CHAIN - very cool idea!

David and new comp


So this last week me and my comp were able to find some really cool investigators!  The members are really starting to trust us a ton now, and are bringing us lots of their friends and family members!  The really cool one we found is a guy who's come to church for the past 8 months. He's the husband of a member in the ward.  He hasn't baptized yet, mostly just cause hes never had missionaries visit him who have tried to teach him!  So, we're teaching him now, and this guy is super prepared to accept the gospel!  Only has to stop drinking coffee, and receive his own testimony from God!
The members are super excited for missionary work right now, this past week, they started a ´fast chain´.  Basically the whole ward is fasting for the same thing (For the church to be filled with new members and less active members to return) and so what their doing, they all chose one day to fast, and started this last week.  Basically, one person per day will fast for 40 days!  Woooo!!!!!  Super happy for my little branch I'm working in!

This past week wasn't the best week of work though... I got sick....  Yeah, I forgot that stuff like that could still happen to me......  Its ok though, im 90% better now, and ready to work like a boss!!!!!
It's starting to cool down a bit now, we're also still getting a ton of rain!  I know I was telling you guys about how hot it gets here.... Well soon I'll be telling you about how cold it gets!!!!
Also, the more I learn about the history of Jimenez, the more I'm starting to realize, how ready Jimenez is to have a ton of members!   All it needed were a couple of good missionaries to animate the members, and I'm hoping that me and my comp are those missionaries!
Nothing else to exciting going on, however lets hope that this next week we'll see some great and exciting things going on!!!
Love you all!  Hoping everything is going great for you guys!
Elder Pettingill

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