Wednesday, September 7, 2016

August 1st

 Hey guys!  Another awesome week has passed!  A lot of work done, and still even more to be done!

Here we're to get to know our area a whole lot better, and we're finding a whole lot of new people every day, sadly we're also leaving behind quite a few people.  Got the whole ward excited this last week to start working a ton with us, and we're seeing a lot of small miracles here and there, so really everything down here in Mexico is going great!
There's really not anything new going this week, however, everybody who I came into the mission with 2 years ago are all going to be gone by the end of this month.  I'm lucky enough to be with one of my buddies from the MTC (My zone leader) and its going to be weird seeing them all leave (except for one who extended his mission 30 days).    
Still working super hard out here, still teaching by the spirit, and helping others to achieve their eternal salvation.
Oh, one interesting thing is that me and my comp live right next to an abandoned Mason Temple.  Its like shoved up right next to our house, and its really interesting.....  
Until next week my people!!!

Elder Pettingill

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