Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 19 (January 26, 2015)

David and new companion - Elder Wray

Breakfast :)

Is the apartment with all boys stinky???

Hey guys!  All is going great here again!  I got a new companion - his name is Elder Wray.  He's from Utah and has been 11 months in the mission!   We work great together and we are really kicking things into shape. We've worked really hard this week, and have basically doubled all the results of the last few weeks!  And we're going to keep on doing it too!  

We found a new house.  When we move in, I'll take pics.  It was cold at the beginning of the week, now its been getting even colder.....  But oh well!

I'm getting better at cooking and teaching!

One thing about missionaries..... We're basically like inhuman supernatural creatures to the Jehovah's Witnesses here (they think we are).  They see us walking down the road, and they stare and start whispering to each other.  It's hilarious confusing them in their own words.  But we're working hard, and the only supernatural thing about us is how fast we can walk when we really need to be in a hurry!!!!  

Love you guys!  And remember that the Lord answers all your prayers!  In the time and manner that HE  wants, not how we want!  With that, I love you guys! The Church is true! The Priesthood is powerful!  And I love cooking!!!!! :D


  1. So good to get a new David update! He looks great too. Always love to see that he is doing so well and "kicking things into shape" :) Lots of love, Chi Na Na :)

    1. Lots of love right back at you Chi Na Na! Thank you soo much to you and Mom for sending him a package over Christmas! It makes me feel so good to know I'm not the only one looking out for him! :-)