Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 18 (January 19, 2015)

Baptism of (almost) whole family!
Street soccer
Found a mouse in the washer :(
Hey guys!!!!!  Sorry I don't have much time again!  SO this week was freaking awesome!!!!  And really cold.......  So we had divisions for 4 days with the zone leaders.  It was freaking awesome! I learned so much, and I'm ready for anything and everything! My training is officially done and over with, and I'm ready to serve the Lord with all my heart might mind and strength!  Nothing can stop me!!!!! Muahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!  Not even these really bad headaches that Ive been getting from a throat infection Ive had these past 2 weeks!  But I'm ok!  I'm on medication now to kill this infection!  And I'm pressing forward, on and on and on!

SO remember that lady who was risking divorce?  She and her kids were baptized this week!!!!  And her friend!  It was a great experience!!! Now, my goal is to bring her husband to the party.  Haha Hooyah!!!!!  As long as her husband doesn't shoot me, I think it'll work out great! ;)  Haha no worries... Was only a joke.....  
We're heading to Chihuahua again tomorrow!!  We have changes!!! Elder Narvaez is heading off somewhere.... Getting a new comp!  We'll see how that goes! :D  
Here;s the pic of the mouse I found in a washer during divisions! And the baptism!
Now spiritual thought........   You guys should read the chapter in Jacob that talks about the Lords vineyard!  I don't remember what chapter, maybe 3 or 4?  But anyway, I want you guys to focus on those servants of the Lord in the end........   After you read this------->  We all have this opportunity to be part of the Lords work. You don't need a missionary plaque, its something you can do every day!  "We are all enlisted until the conflict is o'er! Happy  are we! Happy are we!"  Its your opportunity to be part of this work!  We were all saved for these last days for a reason!!!!  Fulfill el maximo of your potential!!!!!!  

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