Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 14 - Early Christmas! (December 22, 2014)

They both got Broncos shirts for Christmas :)

David and... the cartel?

Sharing a Christmas message through song in Parral
Hey guys!! This week was great! I'll try to tell you real quick. We had a lot of people stop taking lessons, then we also had a lot of people not progressing, so we dropped them. We were in the dumps emotionally recently, but we've been working hard and we've actually found a lot of new people that seem ready to accept the gospel!

This past Saturday we went to Chihuahua for a Christmas celebration! All the missionaries went!  It was so much fun! SO MUCH GOOD FOOD!!!!!! They had chocolate fountains, and my table of 8 elders got 2 huge turkeys all to ourselves!!!!!!! Then we got to watch a bunch of different people take turns swinging at a pinata which was hilarious! Big dog pile of elders at the end!!!!  Then we got our packages!!! Special shout out to The Frodshams!!!  Uncle Nathan, Aunt Rebecca, and the kids!  Grandma Frodsham, Aunt Christina, and the Wayments!!!! Thanks so much you guys!!!!  You really made this Christmas special!

Me and my companion met the cartel the next day!  Got a couple pictures with them and their big guns!

That same Sunday night we had a huge choir/contact activity in the middle of central in Parral!  I was in the choir, but then decided to go out and contact instead of being part of it!  Was great!  We found so many people that day! And I barely had any difficulties in talking with them!

Hope all is going well.  And even more special shout out to my sisters and parents!!!! They sent a lot of great stuff too (including a jacket which was really needed because I lost mine while walking in another area) .... But its all good now!

Special thought of the week?  John 14:15!- "Ïf ye love me, keep my commandments."- Jesus Christ

Siempre Fuerte,
Elder David Pettingill

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