Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 16 - Happy New Year - (January 5, 2015)

Hey guys! Another week of adventures in the world of Mexico!  Its going pretty well down here - it's been getting really cold lately (which is why I love that new jacket so much, mucho calor cuando yo lo llevo!!) and its been a pretty fun week. 

We had divisions twice this week, and the house that we went to for food on the 31st was the mas chorcho in Parral!   They seriously gave us an amazing meal. It was almost like a Thanksgiving dinner it was so amazing!

We have so many investigators now, its crazy difficult to get everyone in for lessons every day. I feel like I'm running around everywhere, which is great!

The New Years Eve was pretty awesome, though we had to enter the house at 7 (instead of 9) because of mission rules.  Then, at midnight, we woke up to a rush of gunfire!!!!  They have a tradition here where the just shoot their guns up in the air to celebrate the new year!  Its crazy!!!!!  We have a cement roof so we were fine, but it was still crazy awesome!  We were joking around with people the next day about the rain of bullets that result from this......   But we were all good!! 

One of our investigators has an incredible amount of strength.   She has had her answer from day one, that this is the true church of god, she knows without a doubt that this is the church of God.  The only problem is her husband. He told her that he'll divorce her if she keeps coming to the in his words "gringo iglesia"(only gringos here are the missionaries).  He's out of town now, but despite this, she still has a strong desire to be baptized.  She knows this is true.  She has no doubts, and even though this could ruin her marriage, she wants to follow what she knows God wants her to do.  Following God, and doing those things that God would have her do, will give her happiness for the eternity, and not just this life.  She knows this, and this is why she wants to continue in this path of God.

I just want you guys to know that I do know this is the true church of God.  This is the only place on earth, where we can receive the covenants and promises that have been promised to us.  There's not a doubt in my mind that God will give to those who ask him, and that He gives us trials so that we can grow and become stronger.  God will always be there to support us through our difficult times.  Always.  The Book of Mormon is the word of God, and this book has continued to help everyone who diligently search it, looking for answers.  My challenge for you, is to stand strong.   Stand strong in what you know is right, what you know is true.  It may be difficult, but I promise you, that you can do it.   Have faith in God, and he'll always be there, and in the sacred name, of our savior Jesus Christ. Amen.
Siempre Fuerte,
Elder David Pettingill

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