Wednesday, May 3, 2017

March 27, 2017 - foot fungus...ewww!!

Hey guys!  This week went by super fast again!!!! Which kinda scares me since I only have 6 weeks left..... Yikes!

Well thankfully I'm still training Elder Martinez, so we're still killing it out here in Mexico!!!!  Though this last week was a little slow......

I'm sure many of you recently heard of my buddy out there in the states who has cancer, which got a lot worse cause he never went to check it out.

Well, I applied his story to my life and went to go take care of a foot fungus thing I got at the beginning of the mission!!!!  Yeah.... Ew....

I figured I should probably get it checked out since it was there for so long, and well what they call it here is Ojo de Pescado (Fish Eye).  No, I wont go into details to spare you the trauma.

I went to the foot doctor, and she said that because I had waited so long, my foot nerves had grown into it. Which only meant that it was going to be a lot more painful process of taking it out..........  and guess what she used to take it out?!?!?!!  YES A DREMEL!!!!  

Oh the pain!  As you can surely see in the pictures it wasn't a very comfortable process.  Not to mention that I had to hold my own foot down so she could do it.  At first it tickled a lot, then it started to hurt, then it started to burn.   

No, I didn't yell like a little girl.  Those are just facial expression of what was going on in my foot!  Anyway, I finished off with a rather large hole in my foot....  They gave me a mandatory 3 days of rest, (I took 2, because we had a lot of work to do), and that's it!

So that's the ´´highlight of this week´´.  I'm all good now, and walking at 100%!  Ready for another weeks work ahead of me!

Now on a better note, we've received several great references from members recently!!!  These are all people and families who are steadily progressing and really have the desire to try for themselves what we're saying!  GO MEMBER POWER!!!!!!

Love you guys!!!
Elder Pettingill

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