Wednesday, May 3, 2017

April 10, 2017 - Book of Mormon promise

Alright guys!  This last week was going pretty well! We had a training meeting as 2 zones with our mission president, practicing and bettering our teaching skills and extending invitations.  It was great!  Then at the end me and all the other missionaries who are leaving in 4 weeks were caught by surprise as we were asked by our mission president to give our testimonies/last advice for those who continue on after us.....  Not a fun moment.... It still hasn't hit me completely that I'll be home digging a ditch in the backyard for my dad in 4 weeks time...

In other news!  This week we're going to have a baptism!!!! Rita finally made it to this day, and is super excited!  She's sharing the gospel with all her family now, and with friends and we're teaching several of them now.  Many are now reading the Book of Mormon and want to find out for themselves if the book is true! I'm telling you guys, its a 100% for sure way to get an answer!  The only reason people don't get their answers is when they get lazy and decide they have better stuff to do than receiving answers from God!  Every person out here who has started to read, and meditated over what they have read obtain the desire to ask God!  Then when they ask our Father in Heaven, in the name of Christ with true intent to follow through on the answer they receive, they receive a special manifestation from the Holy Ghost.

100% of the time.  I honestly couldn't be more serious when I say that.

Personally, even though I've already received my answer, I like to keep asking, and keep on searching.  When I do, I still receive answers, whether it just be about the Book of Mormon, or about any other issue I've wanted to ask about.  

I love you guys a ton, and I ask you to truly begin to rely on the Lord for strength, guidance, and counsel.  As you do, you'll begin to see the Light of Christ grow in your life.  Every struggle and trial in your life will be easier to bear, and you'll find the paths that you have so desperately searched for.

I love you guys a lot and hope this week is even better than last week! For you and for me!

Elder Pettingill

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