Wednesday, May 3, 2017

March 20, 2017 -

Hey guys!
This week was a whole lot of work in the sun!  The temperature is rising steadily, and everyone is changing into spring mode out here!  Only sad thing is that there's no spring style for us missionaries..... White shirts and a tie.... Not the best apparel for a hot day, however we stand out even more now which is great!

We had a whole lot more success this last week, thankfully!  All a blessing from God, I don´t even know what we did, this last week went by super quickly!  

Fun story, in some of the training videos that I show my comp, the quotes are in portuguese, so I'm having to roughly translate portugese to spanish/english for his training!  Haha its super fun, and 'Im able to translate about 90% of it!  Speak it, still can't do.

Another sad story.....  The bishopric here has now scheduled my farewell speech here in their ward for the last Sunday in April.....  Where did March go?

Oh!  Another fun story from this last week is that we were en-circled about by 5 dogs this last week as we were walking down the street.  The funny part is, is that as I was getting my water bottle ready to fight them off, I dropped it.  Then I picked it up again, and dropped it.....  Thankfully the dogs could see that I meant business and none of them attacked, so all was good!  We kept on walking and they left us as we neared the corner of the street!

Also, Rita got her answer from God this last week!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!  She knows the book is true, and that everything we say is true!  Super excited for her!!!!!

Hmmmm, spiritual thought for this week.....

Well, something me and my comp do in the mornings and at night.  Instead of listening to music, we listen to BYU devotionals.  We download them onto a USB drive on our phone, then hook it up to a speaker and listen to it as we're getting ready for the day, or getting ready to sleep.

All I can say is that you should never stop learning.  We have a mental capacity that has limitless proportions, and we're only wasting this great gift of God if we stop learning.  Now, as the modern revelations in Doctrine and Covenants states, we must learn from all the best books as well as by study and by faith.   We have a great gift to be living in these last days where there is so much information out in the world for someone to obtain, and to use it for the benefit of others!  To waste such a gift..... Well, we see how people like that are who spend all day binge watching Netflix.....  All of you have the great opportunity to be connected to all this information, so learn what you can while you can.  Because this life is short.  Also, as stated in the scriptures, there are only 3 things from this earth that we can keep after we pass on.  That is, our relationships, our experiences, and our intelligence.  ´´Whatsoever intelligence a man gains in this life, will give him that much more of an advantage in the world hereafter´´-paraphrasing from a scripture of which the location, I do no know.

Love you guys a ton!  Have a great day!
Elder Pettingill

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