Friday, June 3, 2016

May 9, 2016 - Tauramarens

I feel like I'm melting out here in Mexico..... and the worst part is that its only going to get hotter!  Thankfully this will be the last summer that I will have to endure out here in Mexico!!!

This week went really great!  Mis niños se bautizaron!!!!  My kids baptized!!!  Not all of them, only the ones who really wanted to, there were 6 of them (sorry forgot my camera today) and they are all really cool!  All these kids are from an Indian reservation here in Cuauhtemoc, and the circumstances that they live in is really humbling.  Its  just super simple apartments with a futbal field and a place to wash your clothes outside.  These kids are basically growing up in the ghetto of the ghettos, but they're enjoying church more and more every time they go!  Yes we still pile them all into a truck or mini van every time we go to church, its really crazy (and really smelly... Did I forget to mention that tauramarens bathe like 1 a month?)  We are still working on the parents in this small reservation, but its coming along great and everyone seems to love us!!!!!!  We had a huge water fight like 2 weeks ago with all the kids, me and my comp got SOAKED, but it was absolutely worth it.  The kids are opening doors for us to the parents, and its really awesome!
Before I go on, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my Wonderful Mother!!!!!!!  She's the best mom any son could ask for, and thank you so much for everything you have done for me mom!!! 
It was great talking with the family over skype yesterday, my sisters are growing up so much!  Mom and Dad still look as young as ever, y mi chiko perrito is still as crazy as ever!!!!  I'm happy with all that's going on here in the mission, and I'm going to keep pressing forward diligently and being the missionary God wants me to be!!!!!!!
Siempre Fuerte, 
Elder Pettingill

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