Friday, June 3, 2016

May 30, 2016 - Service project and the path to baptism

This week flew by!!!!!!!   We got some more baptisms this week, also the Hermanas baptized this week as well!
This week we did a service project as well. We had to bring down a huge cement wall, about 20 feet in width, and 13 feet high!  It was a ton of fun, I basically just got to use a 15 pound sledgehammer, and a lever to bring this thing down!!! What we would do is put a couple of weak spots in it, start rocking it back and forth, and then pull certain sections down.  I made sure to always jump out of the way so no need to worry!  After all this time of only reading and writing, my hands have gone super soft!  Its no fun!  By the end of the project had a ton of calluses that had burst on my hands.......
The Hermanas in my district are finally all healthy again, and none of them are sick! So that makes everyone a whole lot happier.  They also have a lot of people lined up for this next month!  We're going into June now! The last month before we get a new president......
Hope all is well back at home!  Hope you guys are steadily coming unto Christ.  I promise you, you cant find any other path that will bring you greater happiness than the path that He has laid down for us.  There is only one path that can bring us back home to the Heavens.  Only one door that can allow you into this path. That door, is the door of baptism by Immersion, for the Remission of sins.
There is only one proper way to be baptized.  If you do not choose to be baptized by immersion, by someone who has the Proper Authority of God, you can not into our Celestial Home.  There is only one Lord, One Faith, and One Baptism.  I am always here to answer your questions, if you have anything that you have had difficulty trying to understand, or have no idea what something about God is, ask me.  I would love to help you find your answers.
Elder Pettingill

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