Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 20, 2016 - New Comp Elder Jiminez

New Comp Elder Jiminez from Mexico City

Hanging in the City

Hey everyone! Another amazing week here in Mission Chihuahua Mexico!

There are a lot of changes going on down here in Mexico now that we got a new President of the Mission coming this next week!   I'm excited to see a lot of these new changes, however I'm going to miss Presidente Chavez a ton!!!!
I've had this mission president for almost 2 years now.  He's been with me, and has helped me through many of the most difficult challenges that I've gone through in this short amount of time.  He's taught me a lot, helped me become a better teacher, and a better representative of Jesus Christ.  He's a great man, who's going to go on to many more great things.
Last week, I forgot to explain the other pic I sent!  We had a baptism that was going to happen in my district in 15 minutes, and when I got there, my zone leader said that there was absolutely no water in the Church.  Even the well right by the font window was completely dry!  So we had a member come by and check to see what was going on, and well, somebody had turned off the water key outside.  So we turned it back on, however until the well fills up, there's no water in the church.  So what I did was I hopped into the well, and would fill these buckets up with water and pass it up so they could fill up the font.  I got soaked!  But it was all good. My comp baptized the dude for the Hermanas, (I didn't get a pic cause I was in the well...) and everybody was happy!
One thing that I've learned a lot out here in Mexico is a lot about hard work, and tenacity.   Tenacity means to keep on going, determined, until you finish.  There will always be problems that come, and a lot of these problems will seem like grande mountains in front of you.  However, if you keep pushing forward diligently, always searching for solution after solution, you will conquer that mountain, and conquer that problem.
There is nothing better than the satisfying feeling of having overcome every obstacle.  So keep on going, or in the words of Dory the Fish. ´Just keep Swimming, just Keep swimming.....´
I love you guys, and I want you to know that everything is getting better and better here in Mexico.
Elder Pettingill


  1. Hoja elder David mucho gusto en conocerlo ya vi que conoce a elder Jiménez le mando muchos saludos a Jiménez 😊😊😊

  2. Perdón elder me equivoque en una palabra anciano esa palabra era elder

  3. Perdón elder me equivoque en una palabra anciano esa palabra era elder