Friday, June 3, 2016

May 23, 2016 - Questions for you...

Hey guys!!!

Another week has passed and gone, and this month is almost over......  Only got one more week to finish our goals for this month, so we all got to step it up a notch!
This past week was pretty good, we had two baptisms this past week in my district, one from my area!!!  Shes a lady from the Reservation, the Aunt of one of the kids who recently baptized! Hoping her sisters are coming pretty soon!
So its still pretty hot out here.  Like super hot!  However there's a nice breeze always blowing, and it helps cool things down a lot when we're walking everywhere, except for when we're sitting in a smelly, super hot bus.  
Learning a lot out here about goal setting and having a vision for where your going!  We're working a lot with the ward in re-activation, and the ward is starting to get more excited for Missionary work!
Ok, so I want to ask you guys some questions, and yes, I do expect you to answer them! :D  For the members out there.... What are you doing to help build Gods Kingdom?  How many converts are you going to bring to God this next month?  Which Non-Active members are you visiting with consistantly?
Now for those who still need to Baptize......  Why havent you baptized yet?!?!?!  What is of greatest worth here in this world?  What are you doing to to prepare for the future? Why aren't you talking with the missionaries over there in the states?!?
I love you all back at home.  Want you all to know that there is nothing that brings me greater joy than to see my friends come unto Christ, here in Mexico, and back there in the States.  
Love you all,
Elder Pettingill (o mi nombre en español......  Elder Acariciando Escamas)

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