Tuesday, March 15, 2016

February 29, 2016 - attack of the very scary 'gooses'

Teaching a family of Menonites!

We made our own tortillas!
Baptism of Alejandra

Eiffel tower that Alejandra made

So another week has come and gone, and this week flew by yet again!!!
This week was really just another week of prepping a lot of people for baptisms again!  We had to go help the Hermanas in the district a lot to make sure that everything was going to happen according to plan, and the best part is that everything went according to plan!  There were a bunch of baptisms in the district, and there was also 1 baptism from my area!  Her name is Alejandra Orduño, and she was super excited for the baptism!  Her family came and everything, and we're hoping her family will hop into the water this next month as well! 

So bad news.....  I've been reporting to my Presidente de Misión about the progress about the Menonites, basically that I dont have much time to go over there, and that not much is really happening cause weve been pretty busy with everything happening in our área. I told him that if we could have a companionship over there, focusing on them, then we could have some really good succes.  However he said that a while back they had tried that, had even had the missionaries start to learn Lower German, and still didnt have succes. He told me better to focus on where your doing a lot of good right now.

So no more Menonites, for the time being.  I'm going to let the fields ripen a bit longer, and when the next misión president comes I'm going to go for it again!  Still going to prep for it, and the time will come!

In better news we have a lot of people interested in the Gospel, and who are wanting to get closer to God! This next month will be a good month, and I'm especially excited for Easter!!! Also, funny story of this week....

We had just eaten lunch, and were on our way to our next appointment in a bus! However we were both super exhausted and fell asleep on the bus..... We ended up waking up and saw that no one was on the bus, and that we were in a part of our área we had never been!  It was crazy being lost again, but we kinda knew where to go, so we started walking.  Yes, there was a big scary dog on that Street that almost ate us. It saw us and started coming at us,but there was nowhere to run! So we started throwing rocks at it, trying to scare it away, and right as we ran out of good rocks to throw (the dog was just getting madder and madder) the owner came outside!  She actually started laughing at us, (imagine 2 gringos throwing rocks at a dog thats trying to kill them) and sent her dog to the back, and sent us away.
In the Next Street we got to, there were two big gooses in the streets!!!!  We both have heard how gooses are crazier than dogs, and so we were pretty cautious approaching it.  My comp dared me to go touch it, and me being me of course I went to go do it!  It was lame though, the gooses ran away and went under a fence..... 

Hope you guys have a great week! 
Elder Pettingill

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