Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 21st, 2016 - New Companion Elder Loftus!

David and new companion, Elder Loftus

Hola mi familia y amigos!!!!  First week as a district leader has been going pretty great!!!  My comps name is Elder Loftus, we're co leaders de Districto, and we're getting started pretty well here.  Elder Loftus is a missionary from Ogden, Utah, 19 years old, and pretty awesome!  He just recently completed his training, and already a DL! Crazy awesome right?!

This last week was a big week of running around from one area to the other getting interviews done for the investigators of the Hermanas, and trying to get stuff done here in my area.  This last week was more a week of us trying to get our feet planted firmly, and now we're going to start off sprinting this week!  We have a whole lot better idea of what we need to do, and we're going to be on top of things this week!
Guess what??? For the past 3 months, me and the missionaries here in Cuauhtemoc have been helping out in the making of a stake of Zion here!!!! We've made all the requisites, and now we've got one more Sunday and a lot of people to bring into church, and then we'll be a Stake!!!!!!!  This is the last push this Sunday, but its going to be great!  (We have to have all the requisites by the end of this month or its going to be another year and half (mas o menos) till we finalize the Stake!  So we're super hyped here, and the work of God is booming here!!!!!
The baptism this last week in my area, her name is Noely Garcia! She's an awesome person, and everything went great!  Except for some reason our taxi driver who was our buddy left us in the middle of the street on our way to the baptism.....  I have no idea why, no one did anything to him, he just pulled over and didn't say anything (so we kinda got the point and got out, and no, I didn't pay him after that).... So we showed up to the baptism a little late cause we ended up having to take the bus. 
Have a great week my friends!!!! Love you all so much!!!!!
Elder Pettingill

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