Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 7, 2016 - finding the Escogidos

David, comp, and family in front of the 'Marriage house'
Couple David helped get married
Applebees after the Wedding!
Baptism of 2 boys

Another great week in Paradise!!! Figurativly speaking.
This week was another week of helping people find their salvation in Jesus the Christ! We've walked our feet off, taught with the Spirit, and baptized at the end of the week!  Two kids who really wanted to baptize, the parents want to baptize as well, we just need to take them to get married this week, and then it will be their turn this Saturday!  We're working a lot to find a lot of Escogidos or in other words Chosen.  It doesn't sound as cool in English, but what we're really trying to focus on is following the Spirit to find those people who really would listen to the message that would change their lives for eternity, and we're finding a lot.
Out of the bunch, there's this really cool couple, one of them is a gringo, and he has a Mexican wife.  (He doesn't speak English). However, they both really want to do what's right, and get closer to God, and so we've been working with them a lot this past week.  This guy is hilarious, always cracking jokes and finding the good things in life.  Apparently he thinks my comp has the face of a liar (He said jokingly).
Everything with the recent converts are going great!  Jorge and his son received the Holy Priesthood this past Sunday, and they are progressing a lot!  The other converts are steadily progressing, just need to keep on visiting them!
So, I have a challenge for all of you!!!!  What is the most important thing that we can learn here in this life?  I'm going to say, that this question cant be answered just by searching Google, and there are no Spark Notes answers for this either.  This is an answer that your going to have to diligently search for, but I promise you, its worth it.
I know this email is super short, and there are no pictures..... One of the Hermanas in my district has it, I forgot to get it back after the baptism yesterday.  But next week will be a whole lot bigger, exciting, and with a lot more pictures!
Keep having a great time, and until nos vemos next week!
Elder Pettingill

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