Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 1, 2016 - A truck full of investigators!

Die hard Broncos fan!

A new bike??

Hey guys another week in the mission has passed!!!!!   This past week has been an incredible week of good lessons, of learning and of finding people!

So this past week during my study session in the morning, I came to the conclusion that there are way to many things that I want to study, and not enough time....  So I'm dedicating myself to finishing Jesus the Christ before I start any other book, and also doing my typical studying in the morning to improve my teaching habits!
Other than that, I had no time to go and visit the Menonites this week.  We`re meeting a whole lot of people who are ready and elected to listen to the gospel!  We`re going from lesson to lesson, teaching in the bus, teaching in the streets, and helping people come unto Christ in every moment and in every place!  Its great!
Honestly there's nothing better than a mission!  In contrast to the important things you can do in life, nothing is more important than serving and helping other Children of our Father come unto Christ.  Having a job, winning the lottery, or coming up with the best chili at the local fair has no importance.  The only thing that matters is if we are prepared for the eternities after this life, because this time has been given to us to prepare and show to our Father that we are ready to do all that he has commanded.
In other news, me and my comp have a lot more work than we can handle alone!  We're working really hard with the members here, and we brought a whole crowd of investigators to church in the back of one truck this week!   My comp has the pics, and I'll get it from him for you guys, but it was pretty awesome!  Though we were 30 minutes late to church and kinda of made an entrance with all of these people.........
Keep strong!  I hope you all are doing great and working to become a Disciple of Christ in every moment!  
Also hope you all enjoy the SUPER BOWL this next week!  I won't..... But I'll eat a plate of wings that night in memoria!!!!  Also hope you guys like my new bike!
Siempre Fuerte,
Elder Pettingill

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