Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 2 - October 1st, 2014

Another week is gone by!!!!   Much of it is the same, a lot of study, and guess what?  Even more study!!!!!   Remember how I said me and Warden got someone to commit to baptism?  Ya..... Ended up being a teacher, who is now teaching us and helping us to get better!!!   Im learning so much about the gospel, finished the Book of Mormon, finished the first two gospels and working on the rest of the new testament!

My Spanish is getting better, still have a lot to learn, especially after we visited the Mexican Consulate!  We took a trip down there, and it was so nice to be out in the real world again!!!  Met a lot of very strange people though.......   All at the train station btw- anyway this homeless man came up to us, he seemed pretty normal, except for the fact he had two dolls with him.... Both were of Missionaries.  After I said hi, he started talking about his first doll, went to San Diego on his mission, and gave a Book of Mormon away.  He basically was treating his dolls as if they were children, which was really interesting, but he still was a pretty awesome guy.  After he left, me and a couple guys were talking about how that's probably what happens after being in the MTC for too long....

It's great here, though we literally spend 9 hours a day, in a classroom, with nothing to do but study!  I think I'm learning now cause I'm bored!  The first guy I talked to here though spoke only Spanish, so that was good practice!  And he was in a wheelchair, so he couldn't run away from me! Muahuahuahauhauha!  He was actually a really nice guy, his family is all Mormon, and hes already talking to the missionaries in his area.  Another guy we talked to reeked of alcohol, and was telling about how he just took a huge hit of Meth so he could speak every language........  it was interesting talking to him.....  Haha I can't wait to actually get out into the field!!!

I am really enjoying learning, it just seems like an eternity here cause there's not much differentiation in what we do here.  Growing closer together with my Companion and District, we had a guy ship out to Spain on Monday, so tha'ts pretty cool, great to think about.  Lets see.... special thought of the week!!!  -  You know how people think of the commandments or rules as a restriction? or something to get around?  Well stop thinking about it like that, Heavenly father gave them to us to help us and enable them to get through life easier.  Look at it as an Instruction Manual (same with the book of Mormon and Bible) its an instruction manual of life and is only there to help us, never hinder us.  Also you know how everybody is saying god loves us and shows it by blessing us?  Well how do we show love back to him?  We follow his commandments, that's how we can grow closer to him and love him.  Hey send me more letters!  More Packages!  Getting letters throughout the week is what keeps my spirits up!  Love you guys!  Hope everything is going great!!!!!  I took pics, and I'll try to figure out how to get them to you!
Siempre Fuerte,
Elder Pettingill

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