Saturday, October 11, 2014

Week 3 - Oct 11 - Siempre Fuerte en el fe de Jesucristo

Buenos Dias!

    Como Estan????  Todas los cosas en la CCM es muy bien!!!  (How are you? Everything in the MTC is very good!)   Still learning a lot, still stuck in  a classroom for 9 hours a day!  Only 19 days left till I go to Mexico!!!!!!!!!!  I seriously can't wait.  People here are going crazy.....  I have guys in my District, who are literally hugging buildings just cause they're 'warm'.....  I might be next.....  Haha 
We're moving up to Main Campus on the 22nd, thats going to be even worse than here.  At least at West, me and my companion have a whole apartment to ourselves! 3 bedrooms-2 bathrooms-Kitchen-and a living room!  We also have a stream running right in front of our house!  
We got a new investigator - she's a Catholic from Cambodia.  You have no idea how difficult it was to explain to her that her church didn't have the correct keys of the Priesthood. I was doing well, understanding most of what she was saying. We were talking about the Priesthood (as part of the Restoration) and then she said something (I totally forgot what she said now) and I was moved  by the Spirit to tell her that they don't have the keys of the Priesthood and basically that their Priesthood was invalid.  Wow.  She started talking super fast in Spanish!!!!  She was using words I didn't understand, and speaking so fast that it all sounded like one word.....  The gist of what I got was that she heard of a story of a pastor back in Cambodia, and how he healed a man who couldn't walk.  She asked me to explain that. (Any suggestions?)  
I told her that Heavenly Father rewards those who have great faith with miracles.  I didn't know how to exactly explain it......  But what I did tell her is how the Priesthood worked in my life.  Both me and my companion testified of times, of how the Priesthood blessed our lives.  I told about how my mother, is a very strong women, and nothing can keep her down, not even sickness.  But how one day, all of a sudden she was so sick that she couldn't even get out of bed.  She asked for a Priesthood blessing, and asked me to give it to her.  I then described about how within a few hours she was up and moving about, and the sickness had totally gone away.  The Spirit was incredibly strong when we both were testifying.  
We had run out of time and had to leave, but before we left we told her that the Book of Mormon is proof of everything we say.  That if she would read it, and then pray with real intent, sincerely asking God if it was true, and if what we were saying was true, then she would receive an answer of the truth, through the Holy Spirit.  She agreed to read the Book of Mormon, and pray about it.  We meet with her again tomorow, so we'll see how everything goes!  Love all you guys!  Miss you all!  Tell me whats up??? 
Siempre Fuerte,

Elder David Pettingill
(My District in the first Pic-and Just a pic of me in the Classroom)

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