Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 4, 2016 - David giving his mother a heart attack...

Yes, he does own shoe polish...

Beautiful views in Cuauhtémoc

Ustedes quierren una carta en español?  Seria muy fácil para mi a poner lo en español, y decir les como le fue mi semana, y todo de los locos aventuras que hemos tenido acá en México!

But, I don't think any of you would like that, so Ill just stick to english for you!!!
Hola mi Familia Y Amigos!!!!
Hows it going with everyone at home??  You guys all watch General Conference???  Wow!  That session was a POWERFUL session!!!!  My favorite sessions were in Saturday!  Those two sessions during the day, and especially the Priesthood Session at night!!  I´ve learned a ton about following the Spirit, exercising the Priesthood, and so much more!  If you didn´t get the chance to watch Conference, go and watch it at, and your mind will be blown!
How grateful are we that we have a modern day prophet here on earth, who guides us through the paths of mortality back to our Father in Heaven?
So this week has been a crazy week of preparing for this upcoming week!  Me and my comp are effectively super missionaries, going from one area to the next to help the Hermanas get people ready for baptism, and to make sure everything is going smoothly!  We hardly have time to be in our own area, but the amazing thing is that we´re still finding a lot of new people to teach!  There are so many escogidos here in Cuauhtemoc, and honestly, I would love to serve my whole mission here in this small city! 
I haven´t had any troubles with dogs for a LONG time now, which is a little sketchy... I'm kinda waiting to see what the next kind of trouble will be.... Guess what??? I'm friends with the Narcos here!!!  We´ve been meeting a lot of Narcos here recently, (No not cholos, or gangsters, Narcos) and they´re actually pretty cool! 
Funny story, we met a Narco at his house one night, and he came out to talk to us and everything.  (They have a rule where they always have to wear a handkerchief over their nose and mouth) and he was telling us how he'd like to learn from us, but he was going back to his fields the next day for another 7 month tour over there.  That kinda bummed us all out, and then I had the bright idea to ask why he had to always wear that handkerchief around his mouth all the time.  He said you want to know?  Hang on a sec and I'll be right back (obviously this is the English translation of what he said).  He went inside his house and me and my comp looked at each other and said to the other, ¨he's coming back with a gun isn't he?¨ We were really freaked out, but couldn't run cause we were far from the door, so I was getting ready to use my scriptures as an ¨Iron Rod¨ (Haha get the joke?) and try to get out of there alive.  Thankfully he just comes out with a phone and begins to show us a bunch of pictures on his ¨ranch¨ out in the Sierra.  He had some pretty sick pics of him and his AK47, and a beautiful garden of Marijuana.  It would make many Coloradans very jealous.  We oooed and awwwed, said goodbye, then High tailed it out of there!!!
Hope you guys have a great week!
Elder Pettingill

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