Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 9 - Birthday week!

David's birthday cake! (we challenged David to fit all 19 candles we sent him on one Ding Dong :))
At mission home in Chihuahua?
David and a new friend

David and Elder Narvaez at baptism of Lili

David chillin' in hammock :)

Hey guys!  Quick update again!

Do you remember the guy I was talking to you about last week (the one that I said needed a hard lesson)?  Well, we talked to him again, and I want to say that I followed the Spirit and spoke with love to him!  He's wanting to be baptized the 22nd, he just needs to quick smoking now....  

The Spirit also does some pretty strange things.... I was telling my story of how I came to the knowledge that this church is true, to a guy who has been going to church for the past 15 years (and has a testimony but doesn't want to get baptized).  I've told this story so many times, but the Spirit was so incredibly strong, it actually made me cry like a little baby while I was talking to him..  I'm not ashamed because I've told this story hundreds of times, and its never happened until now. This is what the guy needed though.  He's taking more lessons from us, and we'll see if we get him baptized this week or not.  I just want to say the spirit will make you do weird or strange things sometimes, but the Lord always has his reasons! 

So I've officially been to a baby shower and helped two people get married now!  Send me more pictures (over email or in the mail)!  I take pictures of all the pics you send me :)  I absolutely loved Lizzy's scrapbook!!!! The Hermanas' here are keeping me well fed.... Though I'm losing so much weight! Those packages you sent are helping to add some on though ;)  Mas Steak strips! And mangoes!  My companion wants you to send an extra for him ;)  Haha Oreos and those frosted animal cookies would be absolutely amazing also!  I'm becoming more Mexican every day!  It's crazy! And weird, but its so beautiful and wonderful.  I'm falling in love with the people here every day, and I absolutely love it!

Love and miss you guys!!!!!

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