Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 8 - November 10, 2014 - Hard lessons and demon dogs

David and companion - Elder Narvaez

David outside of small village
David with Elder St. Pierre - cooking??
Hey guys!  Sorry I don't have much time again this week!  I'll write this email first next time!  So this past week was soooooo cold!!! Starting Monday night, it didn't stop raining until Saturday afternoon, and the temperature dropped down so low that I could see my breath!  Haha I didn't have a rain jacket too.... I had the umbrella though! Which helped out so much!

We're teaching this new family - they have about 5 people in it who are old enough to understand what we're saying.  They are such amazing people! We've only taught them about the Restoration and church attendance, but they're already being missionaries!  They're always inviting new friends over every lesson saying, "Hey the missionaries are coming - they always have a great message!" The Spirit is always incredibly strong when we teach them.

Right now, we're also teaching this 25 year old man. His whole family is Mormon, but he doesn't want to accept the gospel because he enjoys the ways of the world more.  In case your wondering, in Galatians 5 or 6 it talks about the fruits of the world and the fruits of the Spirit.  The next lesson is going to be a hard one.

Elder Narvaez and I talked about it, and we are going to give him a hard lesson.  We've taught all about the blessings, what you have to do, and he just doesn't want them.  His family is such a wonderful family too......  I'm going to be talking about Nephi's vision, the mists of darkness and the fall of the great building.  I'll also talk about how the Lamanites ended up as a people after they rejected the Lord.  Its all in 1 Nephi 12 (I'm pretty sure -don't have time to look in my scriptures).

I don't like dogs here anymore..... There are three demon dogs in my area.  And a lot of the dogs here don't have a home and they just roam around.... a lot of them die of starvation, or search through the trash.

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